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White Elegance

WHITE ELEGANCE is inspired by Bisazza, the art of glass mosaic, and the roman baths, city of Bath.

While wandering through Los Angeles, designer Joanne Cordero Reyes stumbled upon Bisazza, the leading creator of glass mosaic. "I was blown away by the impact of strength and purity of the endless display of mosaic patterns," she remembers. Reyes was drawn to further research on the ancient craft; of implementing colorful and small cubic pieces into patterns of intricate beauty and splendor.  The overall gracefulness of this collection was inspired by the individual modern shades transformed into thousand different squares of glass to create a whole continuity of unique art.

Ultimately, further research at one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the West Country, the Roman Baths in Bath, Somerset, lead Reyes to the goddess-like drapery and clean and wistful delicate seam lines of construction.

Together, the inspirations influenced surface treatments of intense structure yet delicate nature, shaping the form through precise and solid fluid materialization. According to Reyes, the illumination produced by this blend of colors transfigures a language of "white reflection; pure dream into reality."

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